Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh the weather outside is weather.

So for the past 3-4 months my mom, aunt, the girls. and my cousins have planned a half way meet up camping trip in Milton PA. Ava was SO excited to be going on a "bacation" and asked me every 30 seconds if we were leaving today. And to show me the website, over and over and over again.

We rented a cabin small, but it would work. What did it matter anyway, right? Everything was outdoors and we wouldn't be spending much time in the cabin, right?


I checked the weather a few days before we left and had to make sure I typed the zip code in correctly. Was I reading this right? Winter Storm WARNING? In October?

Friday morning we loaded the kids up in mom's car and off we went. But wait, what's this we are driving in, oh that's right, SNOW. Below is Ella bed head and PJ's at all shmoozing it up @ a NY rest area. Notice the snow in the background?

We finally arrive in Milton, PA to a high somewhere in the upper 30's and freezing rain.....niiice. Thank goodness the cabin had heat! All in all we had a great trip and had a blast visiting with each other as well as a few good laughs - hello, chicken anyone??

Here are some random pictures from the trip :)

(the view from the back porch - beautiful!!)

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  1. Oh my goodness-- they are so cute! How is it possible that they get cuter every time you post pics? I can't wait to see cute little baby #3 :)